Можно ли установить siera на macbook 2009

 · There is a few differences between the And , The boards are a little different, but other than that they are the same machine. The can be updated to a 5,1 EFI which allows it to run all the same CPUs and ram configurations is the and newer models And essentially makes it the same, even with the slightly different boards.  · I currently have a mid mac book pro which, as some of you know, is not eligible to download sierra from the app store. I just got all my components to build my hackintosh, but now I am unable to download any mac OS from the app store. I am looking for any work arounds for downloading sierra, so that I can move forward with my build. There's a lot going on in macOS Sierra Siri, Universal Clipboard, Auto Unlock with Apple Watch-these are just three of the features that Apple showcases for macOS Sierra, the latest version of the company's Macintosh operating system that made its debut last Tuesday. Macbook какую ось поставить? Добрый день. Вернулся из ремонта мой Макбук белый г. кор 2 дуо. Рам 4 гиг. Какую ось поставить?. Apple Footer. This site contains user submitted content, comments and opinions and is for informational purposes only. Apple may provide or recommend responses as a possible solution based on the information provided; every potential issue may involve several factors not detailed in the conversations captured in an electronic forum and Apple.

My Macbook can boot El Capitan in 30 seconds. It should absolutely run it fine.

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Planned obsolesence? To be fair, I find any Mac with a spinning hard drive runs This thing sings. That might be enough to make it work? Or my MacBook. Why now? These systems should be more than capable to run Sierra. If youre not supporting specific hardware anymore not counting CPU , just lop all models with that hardware off at the knees. Apple has never done something like this with Intel Macs. But never have they supported one and not supported another with the same GPU.

So yes planned obsolesence, we finally have proof. Apple s finally following their 7 year policy. So is this going to become a trend? Everytime a Mac hits obsolete status no more new shiny OSes? Mac Pro This is an issue and Apple needs to fix this. Good luck moving to Windows.

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With the half money of a mac mini you make a computer with a 6core or 4 core 4ghz amd cpu that will rock, an overclocked edition Nvida graphics card and an ssd and you play every game you dreamed of in full res full details! Windows are best for gaming and if you need some proprietary software and you depend on them to do your job! Be astonished in rich graphics 3d games and fast operating system performance!

As a developer you know, especailly for an OS release, there are testing and support costs. So while you might believe your 7 year old machine shoudl work fine it may not and Apple has decided, based upon their user data, to drop it. Who knows! That makes no sense? Apple please let us try before they die? Another example is the borough ha ha around which company made the A9 chip in the Air 2 or was that a different iPad. It was thought that the Samsung version had issues.

In other words the conspiracy stuff here is just silly. See: Mac Pro DDR2 is still a very viable Ram today it has aged very well. My computers with DDR2 still fly. What is wrong with DDR2? Your machine is 7 years old now There may be something in that config that directly fails or falls very short of performance expectations in one or two core features that make them decide against it.

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You choose to stay on the old systems, so deal with the consequences that come with it. A perfect example is all the complaints about how poorly iOS 9 performed on the 4S.

Yes, the phone could run it, but not nearly as well as the newer phones. Once the OS drops below an acceptable performance level on the older hardware they drop it. As for your comments on the Mac Pro upgrades I actually will test that probably this weekend.

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I have a that has been flashed to firmware and a pair of E 6-core Xeons de-lidded and installed. They would be the most affordable "modern" first generation Mac Pro. And the problem is since El Capitan came out in , and still supported some products made in and Why lop off support for all systems made before late ?

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  • Just no sense at all. Media backlash is why.

    Apple has already tested your exact model along with every other model they make. Maybe the sound controller. Who knows? Hardware complaints have never been addressed here, nor has any thread about it ever changed their mind about final supported hardware.

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    All good points, I remember in iOS 4. I came up with the idea that Apple is officially finally not supporting obsolete status Macs anymore. HrutkayMods, jcommaret - the statements Ross Kinard posted above tell you why the systems have been delisted.

    Must admit I think have to agree. At 14 years of age, the world is at your fingertips. You kids seem to think you know everything and love to come on Apple forums to complain and tells us how stupid we are for buying Macs and Apple products. Kid, we know we can get better hardware for cheaper. Windows is still a joke. Some linux distros are OK. I have a 5. Not a single clue.

    Your pointless anti-apple rants are a waste of time. If you want to change the world, go and do something productive instead of signing up to the Apple developer forum and writing anti-apple rants.

    Apparently the former engineers out engineered the present generation. But you know you could just humor us and say as much. Not telling us leads to rumor, speculation, feelings of betrayal, yada, yada, yada…inuendo….

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  • I tried to complain and was told that El Capitan will still work on the machine but I am already finding so much software in the App Store that will only run on Sierra so our unsupported machines really are becoming useless quickly. Thanks Apple, I really think you need to revisit the supported machines for Sierra and add our perfectly fine models to it.

    You are all free to continue to use alder versions of macOs- i find it incredible that after a few weeks there are apps in the app store which only support sierra.

    I would hazard a guess these are not high quality apps.

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    AFAIK there is no reason why an app that can run on sierra cannot run on capitan. I would prefer apple concentrate on bringing a few mac models into the present hardware wise , rather than wasting time supporting ancient machines. A few hardware upgrades and my iMac is running macOS Sierra with complete software support i.

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  • Handoff, clipboard. And it still runs smooth as butter. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.

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    Sierra MacBook Early 2009? why no support?

    He can move to Linux and never pay a dime! You have left behind! Good luck! Same here. Why are similar models not supported? The early has a different processor.

    What about all the time they will have to spend patching up el Capitan from now to eternity??? And, yes, my 17" MBP falls into that camp. This reply has been hidden.

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